Problem Solving Tools

Definition. Root Cause. Solution. Implementation.


How to identify and resolve root cause issues.

The Problem Solving Tools Virtual Workshop is a training course, a road map, and a set of practical tools that help you learn as you actually solve real-time work problems. The workshop consists of four virtual lessons, each with specific application assignments. Each lesson prepares you to go and apply specific tools and templates to help you define, analyze, solve, and eliminate real work problems.

You will learn and apply a proven four-step process that ensures that their problem solving efforts are focused on finding and addressing root causes. This innovative learning process provides hands-on tools and templates for accomplishing each step in the problem solving process.

You will have direct access to the virtual workshop faciltator throughout your learning process. You will also have access to online tools to help you accomplish real-time problem solving tasks.

As you come to the workshop with an actual problem and a desire to solve it, you will leave with a pathway to a sustainable solution.

Complete the online lessons. Apply the tools and templates to your work situation. Contact your learning facilitator at any time. Master best practices and create new patterns of productivity within the context of your actual job. There is no better way to learn.


  • Complete Each Online Lesson
  • Use Your Workbook as a Guide
  • Ask Questions to Your Facilitator
  • Discuss What You Learn with Associates


  • Apply What You Learn
  • Download the Online Tools
  • Complete the Application Assignments
  • Adjust the Templates to Your Situation


  • Check in with Your Facilitator
  • Track Your Progress
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Check in with Your Coach

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